Cranium Hoopla Board Game is All About Cooperation and Love

Something that I really liked about Cranium Hoopla Board Game is that it only takes about twenty minutes in order to finish one gaming session. However the absolute BEST thing about this game is the fact that that it is in actuality a team building exercise.

This game requires you to have a teammate to participate with in the tasks that the game sets forth for you to complete. This is excellent in maintaining your sense of team-play and cooperation with your partner.

For example in my particular situation me and my wife would always have cutthroat gaming sessions that would last for hours and afterward we wouldn’t even want to speak to each other! This is so pathetic that I had decided (or had been deciding) for quite some time that I am going to make absolutely sure that something like this would never happen again.

This is how I came across Cranium Hoopla Board Game, I was told that it was an excellent team building strategy board game that transcended all other team building games that have ever been created. It would help reduce the tension that rises from competitive sport within players and would instead foster cooperation from all members who are participating in the activity.

This was a high selling point for me and I decided to go ahead and purchase this game for me and my family.

One problem that can happen with Cranium Hoopla Board Game that I did not particularly enjoy is the fact that after you play this game for a few months times things can get quite redundant.

This is because you run out of cards and everything starts to look the same.

However this is not a problem. I have always found different ways and variations to help myself continue in enjoying to play this game with my family. We have even gone as far as to create our own cards to continue with new various play.

If you do however at some point get sick of the redundancy you can always simply sell this game online.

The actual point of Cranium Hoopla Board Game is to make your teammate guess what card are you holding in your hand.

Their guess can be based on several factors which I will not divulge into at the moment. You could probably guess (if you are a true Cranium fanatic) what these other factors could be as they are pretty much similar across all Cranium board games.

I have found myself in hysterical fits of laughter with my partner while playing this game because of the seemingly random combination’s of answers that can arise in specific situations during game play.

The game cards are based on a few different categories requiring you to perform various actions to progress further in the game.

If you are sick of competing with your fellow game players and would rather enjoy some cooperative play time then I would highly recommend Cranium Hoopla Board Game for you and your family to play.

It is quite enjoyable being able to rise in levels together rather than being at each others throats as most game require you to be

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